Sessco’s experience in working on unique projects and situations provide an insight on our future approach to customer’s requirements. We share our success stories where we minimize the time taken to develop solutions, to lower costs and speed up lead times.

Performance Advantage, Low Maintenance

When International Rectifier chose Hana Thailand to do a final test on one of its product lines, Sessco and a major German Handler company were pitted against each other for the project. For a month, both companies provided demo-Handlers and the following data was collected - throughput, performance, pricing and overall expected maintenance costs.

Sessco was on par in throughput and performance, but was much lower in initial capital equipment and expected maintenance costs. The project was awarded to Sessco and we shipped 25 units of the SIA-118 to Hana, all equipped with standard autoloaders. To date, some of the Handlers have tested over 10 million units and only a few spare parts were required. This testifies that SIA-118 can be used as a full production machine as well as for custom and unique applications.

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