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Case Study

Meeting Multiple Demands with One Solution

Many companies are seeking solutions for testing Power and Analog IC’s in larger packages. These devices are usually tested using older Handler models. With limited supply and hard to find spare parts and support from legacy Handlers, Sessco came up with the Janus I model to address these issues.

Micrel was looking for a universal solution to handle TO-220/TO-263 packages, one that could handle different configurations and device pin count in a single Handler. It must also be capable of supporting temperatures of up to 130°C with multiple input tracks to make sure enough soak time was met prior to testing.

Sessco’s Janus I model not only addressed all their requirements but also allowed Micrel to save costs on change kits. Our Janus I model, true to its name, was able to continue supporting older, current and even larger IC packaging technologies in the future.

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