Through the years, Sessco Technologies has built a reputation of delivering quality technical service. Combining our expertise with the latest hardware and software technologies, we can now help you simplify your test operations, and overcome your challenges in testing IC.

Our one-stop solution offers four state-of-the-art handlers sharing one common hardware platform. It is simple, affordable and high performance.

Case Study

From Thailand to Taiwan: Relocating Successfully

Our customer Silicon Microstructures was relocating its production line from Thailand to Taiwan to meet shipment commitments. As all cars had to be equipped with a MEMS tire pressure sensor, some of the major car manufacturers in USA and Europe were facing the possibility of acute long-term supply of these devices. Sessco stepped in and made a commitment to supply a customized solution for testing Tire Pressure sensors. We successfully delivered a total of five Handlers in less than three months, and the customer experienced minimal disruption. The SIA-118 model was a proven solution that could be easily adapted to applications such as the MEMS tire pressure sensor requirements.

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