With the increasing complexity of devices being designed and produced today, no one solution fits all. Sessco offers customers the confidence of having the latest advances in integrating computing software and hardware for higher productivity in a connected world. In adopting our Open Platform combining non-proprietary hardware with 4 state-of-the-art Test Handlers, customers will be able to enjoy cost savings in the short- and long-term.

Sessco operates in-house machine shops in USA and the Philippines and we are able to support a wide range of custom solutions related to MEMS, Power Devices, IC Modules, High Voltage, Extended Temperature, Automotive, Military and custom IC Packages. Both service and support is available in USA and in Asia with resident engineers from USA, the Philippines and Singapore.

Why Choose SESSCO?
  • Harness the Latest Technology
  • Reduce R&D and Manufacturing Costs
  • Simplify & Consolidate Spare Parts Management
  • Upgrade easily with Excellent Support
  • Unparalleled Price to Performance Features
  • Lowers Overall Total Costs of Ownership

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